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14th Nov 2020

The Science of Battlestar Galactica with Daniel Cohen

In this bonus episode, Andrea's in the CIC with her most trusted science advisor Daniel Cohen (there's no way in hell y'all thought that might be Gaius Baltar) to talk about space travel, special relativity, and why "FTL drives" may be a bit of a misnomer. And even though we're missing SC1 Actual Caleb and our XO, Kitzy, Dr. Cohen makes sure there's at least ONE Futurama reference in this episode. 

In his own words, Daniel is "just what every Battlestar Galactica podcast needed: a white man with a graduate STEM degree and some opinions. A PhD protein chemist who sort of remembers undergrad physics and wanted to be on a podcast."

In reality, Daniel is a smart scientist who is good at teaching science stuff to non-science people with little goldfish brains, and we had a super fun time trying to figure out if the BSG fleet really is traveling faster than light.

If you can't get enough special relativity talk, here's a great explanation from Crash Course.

Ants on a String. AKA: It's Wrinklin' Time!

Possible spoilers in this episode up through the third episode of season 2.

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