Episode 9

Published on:

1st Dec 2020

Flight of the Phoenix

A Galactica Carol:

Spirit - Tonight you will be visited by 3 Cylon viruses. The first will... MESS WITH THE LIGHTS!

Gaeta - AH!

Spirit - The second will... SCREW WITH YOUR MONITOR!

Dualla - AHH!!

Adama - What about the third?

Spirit - The third will... uhhh... it will also MESS WITH THE LIGHTS!

All - AHHHH!!

The Galactica's systems have been infected with a Cylon logic bomb, and if Baltar & Gaeta can't get it under control, they may be forced into a desperate move. Meanwhile, Chief Tyrol is tired of patching old planes with spit & octagonal duct tape, and decides to build his own - but who will be crazy enough to fly it?

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