Episode 1

Published on:

30th Jun 2020


It's season 1, episode 1. The Cylons have been tracking the fleet through FTL jumps, every 33 minutes without fail. But how? President Roslin makes a tough choice, Lee wrestles with the consequences, and Andrea's notebook is noisy. Also, Ira Glass is a Cylon.

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Set Condition One
A Battlestar Galactica Fancast
Follow along as host (and President of the Podcast) Andrea experiences the 2004 sci-fi epic Battlestar Galactica for the first time, accompanied by long-time fans Caleb and Kitzy. New episodes every Tuesday.

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Caleb Coy

Andrea Quinn

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Queer Muppet. English teacher. Conscientious content consumer.


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Kitzy is a musician and music producer from Philadelphia.